Friday, November 29, 2013

Boot\Recovery RePacker

 Boot\Recovery RePacker

This program is able to:

  •  Unpack\Pack Boot/Recovery.img contents and ramdisk
  •  Convert PNG images to RLE format


Download is in Downloads page

Disclaimer: Remember that this is a development tool, and if you use it, you know what you're doing. This tool can destroy your device, life, home and kill your cat so i not responsible for any damage caused by it :D (These things are unlikely)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Boot\Recovery RePacker 2.0.0

This program is able to:

  • Unpack\Pack Boot/Recovery.img contents and ramdisk
  • Convert PNG images to RLE format

How to use:

File boot.img (must be the same name) put in the main directory and run [EN] RunMe.bat
If you want to change the splashscreen put a file with the name initlogo.png with png extension and a screen resolution of the device to the program directory and use the 5 script option. The converted file appears in the main directory.


Download is in the Downloads page.